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Energeo has developed Seis2KML and it's about to be published to the Microsoft Store. We've always seen value in getting data in front of as many faces as possible. With just an image file and some coordinates, proper visualisation of your data is simple. Many programs have the ability to use kml and Seis2KML allows users to quickly produce high-quality, geo-referenced 2D images in three dimensions. Seis2KML allows complex ideas to be explained alongside permits, over basemaps or grids or any other spatially important data and, presented in Google Earth, gives context to your presentations. Seis2KML is Energeo's first foray into the commercial software realm, though we've previously had plenty of in-house solutions we'd be happy for any feedback or to answer any questions you may have.

Energeo Report

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In 2019 Energeo celebrates 10 years of service to the petroleum CSG coal and minerals industries. We have outlasted 5 or 6 prime ministers (depending when you read this) and one downturn. We have had 3 addresses in this time as well as 6 full employees and 4 part-time employees. To all of our clients a great big thank you. We hope to continue to provide high quality advice and continuing gainful employ-ment.

Survey Datums and Projections for Geoscientists

High-Tec Workshop Materials

Since the last time I gave this workshop Australia has moved about 28cm. Cue the bad jokes about reduced airfares but the dinosaurs getting out of their beds in Winton aren't laughing (Hi Honey, what happened to our garden?). If you want to know more about datums and can tolerate lame Dad jokes this workshop may be for you. I'm giving it tomorrow in-house to a full house.

The Gas Game

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To see a printable, higher resolution of the Game of Gas, click the PDF icon on the right.

The Energeo Report

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QLD SHUP Project.
Energeo still trading despite the downturn

2016 was a very tough year for Energeo but the good news is we are still trading. We have moved to a more compact office just down the hill. Our somewhat delayed office warming party will be held on February 17.

The downturn has necessitated a change of focus. Our biggest project was our involvement in GSQ’s Seismic Header Update Project. Over 25,000 open file SEGY files were reviewed, duplicates and duds were removed and all necessary metadata that could be found was added to the data including MGA coordinates. This information was collated and tested by Energeo before being passed to other consultants for the header updates and QC. To manage this massive database with up to 10 collaborators we used Google Sheets. Over 200 3D files were also updated by Energeo.

We worked with Axiom Geoscience to prepare seismic databases for Geoscience Australia’s Northern Australian Basins projects. This project also involved the preparation of TD curves from scanned check-shot surveys. Later in the year we compiled a seismic database for Arrow Energy of over 2500 SEGY files including hyperlinked images for easy review.

New software tools
Late Permian facies map using Stratimagic.

This year we have expanded our software arsenal. We have added DUG Insight and Rockworks. We also have access to Paradigm’s Stratimagic® and Geosec® for project work. We still have 2 IHS Kingdom licenses, Petrosys and MapInfo.

Bad Weather Stops Play

Our first major project for this year was preparing for ICON’s Harrier 3D survey in the Eromanga Basin downdip from Kenmore and Bodalla South oil fields. Unfortunately rain has stopped play temporarily and we are awaiting an umpire’s pitch inspection later this month. Energeo will interpret the data and assist ICON on their farm-out and exploration trail.

Workshops for 2017
3D Dataset from the Bown Basin displayed in DUG Insight.

GeoSolve will be presenting its famous 2 day workshop Seismic for Geologists and Engineers in April 2017. Other workshops include Survey Datums, Seismic Data Loading and Synthetic Seismograms. Contact Henk directly for more information.

Office space to share

We have over 25m2 of contiguous office space with access to a boardroom, kitchen and server room. We are looking for compatible and congenial office mates.

Office welcome

As a special reward for reading all our newsletter , you are invited to our belated office opening on Friday 17th Feb, Level 1, 457 Upper Edward Street, Spring Hill at 5pm.