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Map is made up of two parts. Thickness of sedimentary cover (North) and depth to the Triassic (South).

The Bowen Basin hosts open cut coal mines, underground coal mines, CSG fields, and conventional petroleum resources. Each geological environment requires a different approach for seismic planning, interpretation, and mapping. Regional mapping assembled by the GSQ and other government sources are a good place to start.

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The NGMA P Horizon (Top Permian).

Energeo has been working in the Cooper Eromanga Basins for over 35 years. Generally both seismic and well data are easy to come by and are of good quality. The attached P map (seen to the right), together with the C and Z maps we can quickly produce regional maps that place exploration permits into context. We have extensive seismic data sets in-house and can build projects quicky.

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Permian overburden in the Galilee

Energeo has prepared a regional Permian overburden map of the Galilee based on open file reports that we can use as a basis for mapping in your area.

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Elevation map of PNG

Energeo has over 20 years of experience in PNG. Senior Geologist Dan Kendrick has published several papers on the structural style in both the highland and the foreland. We have good but incomplete seismic coverage. Nobody has a complete dataset in PNG, although we know people that do, and we can help you build proper datasets.

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The Walloon Coal Measures (SBEA - Queensland Goverment)

The Surat Basin is the major centre for CSG Queensland. Energeo has comprehensive datasets of seismic and well data. The map to the right depicts the Walloon Coal Measures taken from the Queensland Government SBEA study. This is a great place to begin mapping and can give an overview of prospectivity before creating a seismic database. Seismic data throughout the basin is of mixed quality and great care is required to match seismic from different vintages.

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In addition to the previously listed areas, Energeo has worked in a growing number of other basins and geological environments: