What we offer

Seismic Planning

Energeo can assist you in planning your land seismic survey, advising on critical parameters such as:

  • Well ties
  • Line length
  • Group Interval/ Bin Size
  • 3D Fold distribution
  • Maximum offset
  • Source type
  • Hazard avoidance


Our team has extensive experience in 2D and 3D interpretation using Kingdom Suite including RSA. Additionally we have several in house programs for transferring data. Previous projects include:

  • Regional Mapping
  • Play fairway identification
  • Detailed interpretation for underground mining
Final mapping is done using Petrosys software. Petrosys is also used for depth conversion and can be used for sophisticated grid manipulation. There is no better tool; beware cheap imitations.

For some tasks, data manipulation is best performed in Mapinfo or Global Mapper. Knowing which software to use saves both time and money.

GIS and Databasing

GIS is a field that encompasses both presentation and communication, and can be used to do much more than create nice presentation material. Energeo uses MapInfo to communicate complex data including:

  • Thematic maps of Sand Shale ratios thickness
  • Hydrocarbon show maps
  • Gross rock volume estimates
  • Dipmeter presentation


  • Kingdom Suite 2D, 3D pack
  • DUG Insight
  • Stratimagic
  • RSA
  • OpenDtect
  • Petrosys
  • Rockworks

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